Thyroglossal Duct Remnant

A 63 year old male who was found to have papillary thyroid cancer on the FNA of a cold thyroid nodule, presented post thyroidectomy for remnant ablation. Pre-treatment I-131 scan showed focal uptake in the thyroid bed consistent with thyroid remnant and a focus of uptake superior to the thyroid remnant in the midline neck.



SPECT-CT localized this focus of uptake to the base of the tongue, in the region of foramen cecum, consistent with a thyroglossal duct remnant.


Remnant ablation was preformed with 100 mCi of I-131 and was well tolerated.

A one year follow up I-131 whole body scan showed the resolution of the thyroid remnant and thyroglossal duct remnant.

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This case was compiled by Dr. David He, BCM