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NuclearMD.com is a personal website I created in 2005, while working at St.Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City, as an avenue to share lecture slides and teaching file cases with the Nuclear Medicine and Radiology residents. WELLENS1-655x659It has seen more than 20,000 hits since then and has expanded to become a tool for case based learning in Nuclear Medicine especially for residents preparing for the ABR and ABNM exams.

Scintigraphic imaging techniques use the “tracer principle” to study physiological processes. These techniques are very sensitive in recognizing changes in physiology or function being looked at or evaluated, but do not generally have good anatomical resolution. Fusion of these images to anatomic studies, (like CT or MRI) now acquired on hybrid PET-CT and SPECT-CT scanners, provides the “best of both worlds” or an optimal combination of anatomy and physiology in one scan, also dubbed as “one stop shop imaging”.

The mission of this site is “to further case based learning in scintigraphic imaging techniques, using hybrid imaging modalities like PET-CT and SPECT-CT”. In the relatively new Case-of-the-month feature, interesting case reports are published under the category of General NM, Nuclear Cardiology, and PET-CT imaging. Images from other related imaging modalities are also presented for multidisciplinary learning.

As I continue to expand and improve this site to meet the educational needs of today’s residents, I invite your feedback through an online survey.

Peeyush Bhargava MD

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