Nuclear Medicine Board Review Courses

Taking a board exam is a challenge, whether it be the initial certification or the recertification exam. One has to memorize  and process a lot of information in a short period of time. Over the years I have had the privilege of preparing residents and practicing physicians to take the board exams by reviewing high yield information in the form of power point presentations. More recently, technology has allowed me to do this remotely and deliver the content as effectively in the format of webinars.

As a faculty, I also lecture at the Annual ABR Board Review Course organized by the Osler Institute, Las Vegas Radiology Review course and Face-the-Core sessions. I currently offer the following webinars. If you are interested in attending a webinar, please contact me through this website.

Radio-Isotope Safety

100 Cases-400 Questions

Nuclear Cardiology review

NM Technology review




“Dr. Bhargava’s Radio-isotope safety course is one of the best resources for radiology residents leading up to the ABR Core exam. His lectures are clear, concise, and very much high yield. In lieu of the overwhelming number of ABR core exam review resources, I encourage all residents to take advantage of Dr. Bhargava’s lecture and case reviews. I can confidently say that >90% of the nuclear medicine radiation safety questions were covered.”

YOUR TWO-DAY NUC SESSIONS ARE AWESOME!!! OUTSTANDING!!! DYNAMITE!!! The Materials are Excellent, Very High Yield, Very Thorough/Comprehensive, Very Concise, and Very Well-Organized. Thank You So Much For Your Teachings and Caring, Dr. Bhargava!!! I Highly Recommend Dr. Bhargava’s Nuc Webinar to All Radiology Residents. For those of you who are reading my Testimonial, PLEASE Pass this one on to let more people know about his lectures to help them not only pass the exam but also do well on Nuc section. Please know that I am well aware of the fact that there are other board review resources which are being offered out there and have used them myself. PLEASE review Dr. Bhargava’s Handouts, Quiz, and Case Questions ahead of time so that you will benefit much much more during his Nuc sessions. PLEASE visit Dr. Bhargava’s below website to read other people’s reviews as well. I am not the only one who thinks Very Highly of His Nuc Lectures.

“I just finished the boards. Thank you for putting that material together. It was very good. I would like to use these materials in some talks I give to the residents. Could I purchase them for that purpose?”

“Thank you for the recent board review course. The radio isotope safety corse was really good and informative. I never fully  understood a few things through out my 3 year residency period, which became clear after attending your webinar.”

“I just finished the boards. Thank you for putting that material together. It was very good.”

“The session (RISE webinar) was everything I was hoping for– concise yet complete, targeted. Seemed very high yield ! “

“This note is to genuinely thank you for the diligence, care, and concern you exhibited in the nuclear medicine review board sessions you conducted recently. You were thorough, professional, and thoughtful in all your approaches. The sessions were very useful and your care and genuine concern was manifestly evident.”

“I passed my exam. Your sessions really made a difference. Thanks a million !!.”

“Thanks a lot for everything, the PET cases that you discussed with us were excellent”
(40% of the exam was PET).

“One of the two lecturers that was to the point, gave several cases, didn’t belabor trivial information and spoke at an appropriate speed. Excellent use of cases, better than didactic. Thanks for the website!”

“High grade, high yield and well organized.
The best comprehensive presentation of nucs I have been a part of. Thank you.”

“The BEST Nucs lecture I have attended. Awesome cases and hot seats!! I finally feel more comfortable with the material and especially QA.”

“This was one of the best nucs overviews I have heard. The first few slides with examples of normal uptake for each tracer is priceless.”

“Outstanding job of covering a lot of topics in short period of time.
Excellent! Best talk of the week. Others should model his style. “

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